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Engineered Backfills

4 Pool Removal Options

1) A Full Pool Removal with Non-Engineered Backfill – In this method, all materials are removed from the pool cavity. It is filled and compacted without the need of an engineer. Some benefits of this method are less of an impact on the value of your home than a partial removal, less room for mistakes in the backfill process, and a lack of concern for seepage like with a partial removal. This process may take longer and costs more.


2) Partial Removal and Non-Engineered Fill – The most common form of pool removal involves breaking down the walls, then backfilling the space and compacting it without oversight of an engineer. This method can be less expensive than other methods, and it can usually be completed in 2-5 days. It may affect the value of your home. The area will be considered non-buildable after this method is completed.

3) Partial Removal and Engineered Fill – This is similar to the previously described technique, except an engineer would have to monitor the backfill. The benefits of this method are that it can be completed in less than a week, it is comparably inexpensive, and you would have verification that the area was properly compacted.

4) Full Removal with Engineered Backfill – Similar to the method mentioned above, except an engineer oversees the backfill process the entire time. Another benefit is that the area is declared buildable after it is completed. 

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