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Pool Demolition & Removal

Richie Bobcat Pool Removal Service - Pool Demolition

Richie Bobcat Pool Removal Service specializes in swimming pool demolitions and utilizes the latest state-of-the-art equipment and methods to get the job done correctly. Over the years, we have built a reputation for professional, thorough, and safe demolitions in San Jose, CA, and the surrounding Bay Area.


Our contractors take every precaution to ensure a controlled pool demolition and careful consideration is given to adjacent structures. The safety of our employees and clients is our number one priority, and we pride ourselves ongoing above and beyond to comply with safety standards.


In addition, we approach every pool demolition project with the utmost concern for environmental compliance and make recycling demolished materials a priority.


Our highly trained staff has the expertise to work on a wide variety of projects, including swimming pool demolitions, commercial demolitions, and industrial demolition. No matter what type of demolition service you need, reach out to Richie Bobcat Pool Removal Service and see how we can help!

Demolition & Removal

Richie Bobcat Pool Removal Service is dedicated to safely removing your pool without damaging your backyard. Whether you don't have any more time to maintain the cleanliness of your pool or you simply don't use it anymore and want more space, contact us for your pool removal needs. Our contractors do all the work from start to finish in a timely and professional manner.

Advantages of Pool Demolition and Removal

  • Watch your water and gas bill payments drop

  • Save money on no longer needing pool maintenance

  • Reduce insurance premiums by removing the pool as a liability

  • More yard space for other activities or landscaping

  • Eliminates safety hazards if you have young children

Disadvantages of Pool Demolition and Removal

  • You don't have easy access to a swimming pool


As you can see, the benefit of swimming pool removal far outweigh the negatives as long as you're an infrequent swimmer. Save yourself money and time in the long run with our pool demolition services. Call Richie Bobcat Pool Removal Service at (408) 529-2531.

Richie Bobcat Pool Removal Service - Pool Removal


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